Go Right

Okay, I gotta admit this video made me feel extremely warm and fuzzy inside. And I can guarantee that warm and fuzzy feeling isn’t from the rum and coke I’m currently sipping on. Make sure you watch the entire video, and you too will feel the same way. It’s pretty deep shit.

Who says side-scrolling platformers can’t be spliced together for a motivational video?! WHO SAYS?!


Let me know what you think 🙂

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  • 🙂 I think i feel old now

    • britt5091

       But feeling old is totally worth knowing what all of those games are!

  • I have nothing to say about this except <33333333333333333333333333

    • britt5091

      You forgot a 3!

  • Billy Ziegler

    So many great memories in this video. Thanks for sharing!

    • britt5091

       Of course! I’m glad you could appreciate it too!

  • Boots_33

    What an excellent work of art.

    • britt5091

       I think that’s the most mature comment you’ve ever left on my website.

      Kudos, bro. <3

  • For the first time ever, I completely understand you, Britt.  That almost made me shed a tear.

    • britt5091

       HA! For the first time ever, huh? 😉

      •  Yeah. For the most part I just thought you were weird. Now I know you’re weird AND sentimental.

  • So many old school games =D

    Happy video makes people fuzzy XD

    • britt5091

       Warm AND fuzzy! 😀