Garage Sale Haul 5/31/2013

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’ve sorta-kinda gone 0-2 during the past two garage sale excursions. I mean, I’m walking away with things, but nothing pant-tingling nah’mean? Nonetheless, here’s my haul from today!

game haul

For a buck each, I couldn’t pass on these games. Er, I guess I should feel pretty rad about owning a copy of Duke Nukem Forever seeing as it has like, it’s own staple in gaming history (with the clusterfuck development and all). As far as Assassin’s Creed goes, I own the games on console so chances are I’ll never fire it up but HEY it’ll look good on my shelf! …Right? ….RIGHT?!!!!


At one of the garage sales this soccer-mom lady was selling an old, rustic wooden chest that reminded me of the item chests in the Zelda series ( I seriously contemplated purchasing it and snazzing it into a replica) and after making a comment to my grandma that it reminded me of the aforementioned item chests, the woman perked up and was all, “OH! I have a book on one of the, um, Zelda games! It tells you how to play the game or something!” She showed me the above guide and sold it to me for two bucks. (Admittedly I was getting desperate at this point and my game-buying blood levels were getting low, so I jumped on the purchase.) It’s hard to tell but it’s the Premium Edition of the guide (OOOOH!) and it’s all shiny and ribbed and shit.


^  FOR MY FUTURE EVEN-BIGGER POKEMON SHRINE.  It’s full of Pokemon gadgets and gizmos (bubble blowers, whistles, etc.) and was a buck. It’s actually in a McDonald’s Happy Meal box — the guy who was selling it was a little younger than me and gave me his life story about how he used to collect Pokemon stuff, watch the shows and participate in tournaments until he — ERK — sold his card collection. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU DUDE?! YOU WERE ALMOST HUSBAND MATERIAL UNTIL YOU PULLED THAT STUPID STUNT.

pokemon ballz

He was also selling these prettyful Poké Balls that have shiny gold-esque card things in them. I’ve already acquired a few of these from prior garage sales, but one can never have too many red  and white shiny Poké Balls in their residence. It’s like Holy Water, but not really. Like, it has been scientifically proven that good luck, protection and other awesome shit comes to those who have Poké Balls in their abode.

I *might* feel a little froggy and venture to a few community garage sales tomorow (and hope for better luck) but that’s all going to depend on how much alcohol I intake tonight. IT’S FRIDAY, BIATCHES!

Godspeed! <3

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