Garage Sale Weekend #1

Generally, community garage sales are where it’s at. And by “it”, I mean tons of vintage video games, being sold by unfortunate, oblivious souls that have noooo clue that the little cartridge they’re selling for five bucks could be sold online for 500.

But, there are days when such endeavors are a complete bust. Last weekend would be a prime example of such a bonerkill-esque weekend. Not only did I receive an insult from a stranger with a cowboy hat, the only “treasure” I walked away with was this:

Was it even worth a dollar?

Ha, probably not! But like I’ve said before, the chances of me selling my collection are veeeeerrrrry slim. Still, it’s fun to confer with good ol’  eBay ever now and then.

So now, let’s get to that insult I mentioned earlier. As I was checking out a booth (which had jack-shit btw) I noticed this older gentlemen in a cowboy hat kept glancing over my way. A little awkward, but whatever. After deeming the current booth had nothing to my liking, I started walking away when…

“HEY! Do you know you have the Miley Cyrus look going on? I bet you get that a lot!”

Oh, THAT’S what you’d been wanting to tell me, Mister Cowboy hat.

With an awkward laugh, I told him yes, I have been told that I look like Miley Cyrus before. In fact, my boss’s children call me Hannah Montana everytime they see me, and some random kid at E3 told me that I could me Miley’s twin.

God help me.

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