gamescom 2014: Sony’s Apparently Teasing “Horror Reinvented” *UPDATE*



As suspected by many, the below trailers were indeed teases for Until Dawn. I’m not at gamescom (but I’m in Vegas for SOE Live!) so I, y’know, can’t go hands-on with the game, but a few outlets like Destructoid and IGN have dinked around with it a bit and so far impressions look pretty positive. It sounds like the game is no longer the “horny teenager survival horror filmgamemanbearpig” that it was originally revealed as, but now has a mature, “holy shit we’re all going to die this is some serious shit, yo” tone. (I’m so good at describing things, aren’t I?) The Move functionality has been scrapped and Until Dawn is now coming to PS4.

In a nutshell, eight friends are enjoying a cabin trip in the middle of bumfucknowhere when OH HEY a serial killer is on the loose AHHH! Tragic. Anyway, the choices you make definitely impact the story, and you can wrap up the game (which will take you roughly 10 hours) with one friend surviving or, if you’re a spiffy motherfucker, all eight.

I’m stoked for this one. I suck at scary games because I scream a lot and tend to drop the controller, but I want to save ALL OF THE FRIENDS. They must survive. I anticipate a ton of saving, fucking up, reloading, making the right decision, saving, fucking up, reloading…

Original post below:

Sony has been teasing some bloody shit (shit, like general shit, not, like, fecal matter) since August 5th. Check out the consecutive trailers below:

Some are speculating these trailers are teases for a seemingly forgotten PlayStation Move horror title called Until Dawn. Destructoid has a nice lil’ write-up on their website from, uh, October of 2012. Yeah. It’s been a while since we’ve heard much of anything about it.

What do you think it is? Or, what do you hope it is?

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