Game Room Update #2

First, sorry for the audio issue! I need new software so hard. In fact, I had to cut the segment out where I showed ya’ll the PS1 games because it made the video too tweaky. Other than that, though, I hope you enjoy!

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  • Boots_33

    That is an impressive haul. Blast Corps was a surprisingly fun game, if I remember correctly.

    I like that you now recognize that you have issues cuz you’re a collector with issues. I used to try to help those issues, but now I know better. Britt without issues wouldn’t be Britt.

    Nicely done!

    • Britt

      HAHAHA! I’m glad you’ve given up on trying to address my issues. 😉

      • Boots_33

        I have learned the futility of my efforts long ago. Just know that one day, those issues will build and build until your whole world collapses around you.

        But until then, the collection is quite grand. 😛

        • Boots_33

          But really… who the hell needs NASCAR 99 AND NASCAR 2000?!

  • Skills you haz dem. That controller pack reminds me of a time when we had to get special attachments for the controller to shake in order to either activate with Zelda or Donkey Kong. OMG the expansion pack for the N64 in order to play Zelda. First game console mod lol.

    • Britt

      I remember that!!! I remember needing it for DK64. GOOD TIMES!