First Look at Final Fantasy X HD

Have you forgotten that Final Fantasy X was receiving an HD makeover? Admittedly I had until this first look surfaced! From the sounds of it the remake will be coming to PS3 and Vita in the near future (no solid date is set yet) so that’s awesome and stuff!

It has been YEARS since I finished Final Fantasy X and I have nothing but positive memories — I remember being blown away by the graphics, cringing at Tidus’ terrible laughter, falling in love with Wakka and thinking, “Damn son, that’s a lot of belts” while looking at Lulu. I loved mastering Blitzball, manipulating the level system to fit my needs and watching the Aeon animations with awe.

But y’know,¬†for loving FFX as much as I did I still have yet to play FFX-2 and whatever other games spawned from it. Or maybe I’m thinking of FFXII and its million and a half sequels.¬†Either way, the HD remake makes for a great excuse to play the game again, or for the first time.

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