FINE. Fine, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD.

square enix ff10

Y’know, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a fucking sucker. Back at E3, when I first saw FFX/X-2 in action, I had absolutely no desire to purchase the game and re-experience it. I mean, why would I? I had a wonderful time with it several years ago, and although I consider it one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, I have enough on my gaming plate to keep me entertained for the remainder of, like, forever. 

But when countless emails come in from Square Enix that constantly remind you of how awesome and pretty these HD renditions are going to be it’s hard to ignore. Crap! It feels like every day they wag their precious Final Fantasy HD awesomeness all up in my grill via e-mail, so I throw in the towel. I wave my white flag. With your email about the Collector’s Edition, Square Enix, you officially have my pre-order. I hope your happy.

If you’re like me and are now committed to picking this up, you can expect a 40 page artbook stemming from the world of Spira, five lithographs and a soundtrack packing more than six hours of ear porn. Shit guys, that’s not even an amazing Collector’s Edition. That’s how I know I was seduced.

What’s your stance? Are you going to get it? On a semi-related note, did anyone else have issues pronouncing Tidus’ name? I still fumble over it. Tye-Dus? Tee-dus? Tight-ass?

That HD Blitzball, though.

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