Evolution of Gaming

I freakin’ LOVE this. I could do without the whole EA shindig at the end, but whatever.

Were you able to spot the additions to each photo?

(via reddit)


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  • Hahaha! That is just too wicked! I expected a typical game list when I saw the facebook post…This however is just too cool!

    • britt5091

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I though it was rather awesome myself ;D

  • This makes me sad, cause it’s so true in so many ways. But, I’m also the guy that spends my weekends playing commodore 64 emulators and working my way through xbox 1 games. Crap, I’m turning into a cranky old man

    • britt5091

      A cranky, AWESOME old man!!! 😀

    • Emulators? Oh, come on, get a *real* Commodore 64 on eBay! 😀

  • This is why I type “ui.drawenable 0”. “cl_drawhud 0”, or “cl_hud 0” in the console. xP

    • britt5091

      O_O wat.