E3 2014 | Dead Island 2 Reveal Trailer

BAHAHAHAHA! I laugh every. single. time.

Dead Island…man, I only played a bit of the first and while I own Riptide, I haven’t removed it from the collector’s edition. (WHICH is a fucking rad collectors’ edition, bee-tee-dubs.) Actually, I was  *this* close to starting up Riptide a few months ago buuuut the Xbox One and Dead Rising 3 had just come out, so, y’know. I had to be one of the cool kids and try the oh-so-new and shiny console.

I’m hitting up Deep Silver’s booth tomorrow, so I should have some hot and fresh impressions for your fine assess. Until then, feel free to be like yours truly and watch this trailer a million and a half times. My favorite part is when the guy turns into a zombie. <3


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