Dragon Age Shrine Update!


::puffs chest out:: Ah, yes. Feels good to be a hoarder. Er, I mean collector. 

In my never-ending quest to own any and everything with the (certified) Dragon Age label slapped on it, I’ve recently scoured the internet and caught up a bit with my collecting. There were a few few things I knew I needed, and, of course, I discovered a few things I, uh, didn’t know I needed.

SO! The Nug and Mabari plushies are kiiiinda new (like, a month new) but the most recent sexpots are the Flemeth statue and the Staffsword replica.

I KNOW I’m still missing a buttload of stuff, but these are the things I know I need in my life:

Dragon Age dice

DA2 Seekers Amulet

DA2 Templars Amulet

DA2 Qunari Amulet

DA2 Qunari Coaster

DA2 Chantry Coaster

Kirkwall Coffee Mug

And of course, there are those nice-ass sword replicas I missed out on back in the day. I’m talkin’ about the Grey Warden and Darkspawn swords. GAH! HOW COULD I LET SUCH A THING OF BEAUTY SLIP THROUGH MY FINGERS?!

DA sword 2


da sword replicas


ANYWAY. Before I sit on the thought that I will likely never have a IRL Grey Warden or Darkspawn sword in my possession, I shall focus on the above things. After all, most of those aren’t more than $10.


Except the sword replicas. ::rips hair out:: ::immediately regrets doing that because I spend too much money on my hair and now it is in unusable clumps on the ground:: ::grabs hair:: ::grabs a hot glue gun:: ::attempts to glue hair back on scalp:: ::screams::

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