Dragon Age 3 to receive multiplayer?

Confused (and deformed) Alistair is confused (and deformed).

Today a significant rumor hit the interwebs, and as a Dragon Age freak enthusiast I have an obligation to write about anything relevant to the Dragon Age franchise. You ready for this? 

Dragon Age is getting multiplayer. 

Now, my first instinct upon reading those five words was to violently punch myself in the ovaries and create as much self-inflicted pain as humanly possible. But I refrained from doing so (for the sake of my body and any possible future spawn), reminded myself that it was just a rumor and read on. 

According to Kotaku, the multiplayer will hit “on or around” Dragon Age 3, but it’s unclear whether or not it’ll be incorporated into DA3 or released as a standalone game. From the sounds of it, the multiplayer aspect will come via an arena-esque mode where players can fight against each other either as characters from the Dragon Age universe, as the monsters themselves or even AS DRAGONS.(DunDunDuuuun…) 

Like I said, my first reaction to this news involved thoughts of hurting myself, but that’s only because don’t want any more harm to come to the Dragon Age franchise. Let’s face it—Dragon Age 2 wasn’t that great of a game, and in my opinion didn’t even come close to touching the epic pedestal Dragon Age: Origins sat its sexy ass on. The cold hard truth is that Dragon Age 3 needs to kick some serious bootay and knock us out of the park. If it fails to do so, I only see the franchise spiraling down faster than an injured High Dragon. 

If Bioware (or EA?) wants to create some crazy, off-the-wall arena PVP mode as a standalone or separate project away from the core story of DA3, good for them. Whatever. That’s all they really could do, right? Otherwise how could cooperative play be incorporated? The only other feasible option I can think of is if they went the Tales series route, in which a second player has the option to control a character only during battle. A silly feature, but hey, at least it’s non-intrusive. 

So, the bottom line is that I’m not against Dragon Age 3 having multiplayer, as long as it doesn’t affect the core story and gameplay in any way.

Just give me my warden from the Origins, give me a non-disfigured Alistair and give me a HUGE map to roam around in. No more repetitive locations or dungeon layouts. Touch base on the Flemmeth storyline. Give me—okay, I’m stopping now. I have enough material here that belongs in a completely separate blog post 😉

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