Digital Xbox One Titles Being Offered Cheaper

Microsoft has decided to test the digital waters by offering digital titles for digitally cheaper. BOOM. (That makes sense, right?)

Ryse: Son of Rome is the first guinea pig, being offered digitally for $39.99 beginning February 18th. Apparently the price will jump back up to $60 on the 26th, so get that bad boy while it’s hot!

There really isn’t much more to say, and I don’t want to, uh…what’s that saying… squeeze blood out of a turnip here (ew) but, dammit, this is how it should be. If a title is being offered digitally it only makes sense that the price tag is a bit less than a physical copy. After all, the consumer who’s buying digital isn’t “having to” cover the cost to produce the packaging and all that. Admittedly I have *no* idea how much that actually costs the publishers, but nonetheless it seems like a fair trade off.

As for me, I’ll continue to purchase my physical copies because hoarderism.


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