Did you know I <3 Dragon Age?

Needless to say, I have a slight obsession with Dragon Age. And Bioware in general.

Remember that amazing package I said I had received?



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  • You could totally give me one of your copies of Dragon Age since you have so many! honest I wouldn’t mind at all haha

  • I’m surprised you haven’t purchased a digital copy so you don’t have to take a disk out of the case.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…

  • pommer299: HAHA! But…but…every copy is near and dear to my heart…
    Halfazedninja: *lightbulb*

  • So I guess you’re going to have 6 copies then? lol

  • I got stuck about halfway through DA:O and earlier today, after an immense amount of pressure from a friend, I finally fired up a new game (my old character would not have been able to get through the rest of the game).