Death Mountain L4D 2 Mod

I know diddly when it comes to mods, so maybe this isn’t THAT exciting to some of you, but I was nerding out the entire time I was watching this. Cuz, like, the Link doll, the falling rocks — ALL OF IT — super impressive, especially the similarity to the actual layout of Death Mountain!


It looks like there’s a Part 2,3,4,5…JEEZ. And I think there are way more out there from different uh, moderators. People who mod things. Modd-ers. Anywho, check the other installments from the above video on GamerFox’s channel and let’s all aspire to be this cool in life.

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  • Megan Ward

    I think I’m going to cry. This is awesome!

    • britt5091

      WASN’T IT? I loved it!

      • Megan Ward

        Killing zombies with the Master Sword is probably the best thing ever.

  • Jerry Roboman Munoz

    I just got the game on steam