Comic: Violent Video Games


::begins a slow clap that quickly picks up speed::

THANK-EFFIN-YOU. Argh. I think I know where we all stand when it comes to that “violent video games cause people to kill others!” bullshit, so I won’t preach to an already agreeing choir, but damn, this Dorkly strip really hits the Ganondorf on the snout. (Uh, yeah, just work with me on that reference.) I like to use myself as an example whenever someone tries to flap their mouth about how “violent video games teaches kids to kill!” this and “my daughter became pregnant because she saw a hooker in GTA!” that, etc, etc.

Growing up, my parents allowed me to play whatever game I set my heart on. My dad and I co-oped through the Twisted Metal games about 50 times years before my balls dropped (read: I was about 9). Despite the nightmares they gave me, I played a LOT of Resident Evil. My buddies and I would cruise around in Grand Theft Auto and receive immense pleasure from flattening pedestrians. I slaughtered chickens in The Legend of Zelda for fun.  I’d venture into a strip club in Duke Nukem and my poor, pure eyes (that’s sarcasm, folks) would be subjected to pointy, jagged strippers grinding on a pole.

I could go on, but I think the picture has been painted.

I’m now 25.  Have I murdered anyone? Am I prostitute working the street corner? Do I have an vast criminal record? (Uh, for the record the answers to all of those questions is “No.”) But even if I was a convicted criminal, who’s to say video games would be to blame? Could it have anything to do with, oh, I don’t know, a troubled childhood? Bad parenting? Of course not. Of course it must be the video games. Because violence hasn’t been a thing that’s happened before video games. Yup. Let’s ignore all of the other violent things that have taken place in the history of mankind.

Ahem. Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into a bitchrant, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m fascinated to hear your thoughts on this matter, so please drop some knowledge in the comments below!

Now to lighten the mood — BUTTSEX! 😀


Note: I will say that if I have a spawn I won’t be buying it a copy of Grand Theft Auto IX or whatever until I feel as if it’s, like, mature enough to understand or something. I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PARENTING I CAN BARELY WIPE MY OWN ASS. Point is while my parents allowed me to play anything I wanted, it had its repercussions. Example: Playing Resident Evil 2 in the fourth grade was a VAST mistake and caused me haunting nightmares for years. Just be smart, people.

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