California Video Game Haul!


Amidst all of the craziness I forgot to show you a garage sale haul I obtained while in California two weeks ago! Yes, my friends took me to various garage sales for a morning. Aren’t they the absolute best?! <3. 

It was pretty exciting scouring the yards and whatnot of Californian folk. It reminded me of JRPGs. You know when you come across a new continent to explore? It’s like, you never know which types of enemies (videogames) you’re going to encounter until the random battle ensues ( finding random garage sales) on these new continents (California households). RIGHT? Totally makes sense, dun’it?

…Yeah. Noooot the best example. 

But anyway, the first thing I noticed about CA garage sales was damn – these guys really jack up their prices! Want an original Game Boy? $50. Want a Game Boy SP? $65. For serious, brah? You’re seriously trying to sell this crusty Game Boy that is covered in an unknown gel for $50?! For shame. I’d rather spend that money on…okay. Honestly had I had $50 on me I probably would have bought it, which would have been followed with feelings of utter shame and guilt. 

However, I am the Blonde Nerd and therefore I shant leave California empty handed, for I have a reputation to maintain! ::puffs chest out::


Sonic Adventures 2 and Crystal Chronicles were $5 each, and I bought Star Wars, the Pokémon cards and Ultimate Alliance for $5 total. I probably could have gotten Star Wars, the cards and Ultimate Alliance for cheaper, but there was a plethora of little spawn-children sprinting around the yard and quite frankly it freaked me out so I GTFO ASAP. 

…I’m SO not ready for children.

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  • Nice haul… however I find myself wondering what ELSE is in that Pokemon card stack. 🙂

    • Britt

      Nothing TOO exciting. I think Hitmonlee is the best card out of all of them!

  • Jason

    Fuck yeah, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

    • Britt

      FUCK YEAH! …I’ve never played it.

  • Being from california myself, I tend to shy away from garage sales. I stick with thrift stores. I got those at a local thrift store yesterday with some money I had won at a local casino. Those games, plus a board game, came out to a little over $80. Good score with the crystal chronicles and sonic battle though.

    • Britt

      Oh sweet! We hit a few of those up too, but there wasn’t anything uber-awesome. I almost bought a boxed Sega Master System but it was in pretty cruddy condition.

      • The elusive mega drive, the missing jewel out of my collection. I would have bought that mess.

        • master system, not mega drive, stupid morning brain.

  • Christian.J

    Children are scary. Good call on the no haggle and dash.

    • Britt

      Totally agree. Thanks for your support 😉

  • 100% agreed with Jason. Nice find on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. $5 is a decent price. No Sonic tax.

    • Britt

      YAY! Well shitballs. I’m excited I got it then.