Britt’s Black Friday Shenanigans: Another Thing I Didn’t Need

IT’S A  MOTHERFUCKING SKYWARD SWORD MICRO RASCHEL (whatever that means) THROW! Yes, this is exactly what I needed. It will line the couch that’s underneath my Light World map perfectly.

Hmmm…y’know what? I’m going to open this bad boy and see how it looks.

::scrambles away::

::scrambles back::

…You know, guys…there’s a reason I’m not into interior decorating. I suck at it. Like, it’s something my mom is REALLY good at (as well as cooking and cleaning, two other traits I didn’t inherit, sorry future husband) but I suppose this is my bachelorette pad, and as long as I can live with the hideousness of my “brilliant” decorating ideas that’s all that matters, right?

I mean, the brown kind of goes with the black which kind of goes with the yellow. Which, uh, then goes with the blue in the map. BUT IN MY DEFENSE I have a Zelda “theme” goin’ on in my living room, and that counts as being interior-decorating-savy!

YEAH. Eat that, Martha Stuart. Or whatever famous person decorates homes and shit for a living.


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