Britt5091 Origins: Are you going to purchase DJ Hero?

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Are you going to purchase DJ Hero?

July 3rd, 2009

I’m curious to see how people are feeling about yet another, although different, plastic piece of music equipment coming our way. I almost feel as if the Guitar Hero franchise ruined any hopes of me purchasing or following another music fad/phenomenon/cult/__(insert word here)__.

Activision struck gold when they acquired publisher RedOctane in 2006, and ever since then I feel like every time I turn around a new Guitar Hero is being announced. Bottom line, I’m nervous that what happened to the GH franchise will happen to DJ Hero. The first year Activision will feel out how DJ Hero is being received (and I have a feeling it will do well), then before you know it?



MONEHMONEY$$$$!! >_<

Let me throw it out there that I enjoy music games; however I don’t play that often. I’m good for an hour or two, but then I stash the equipment away and play roughly once a month (if that). So I’m curious to see the other POV’s out there.

I really am rooting for DJ Hero because it does look like fun, but in the meantime, I’m going to grab the milk bucket just in case.


Britt’s Note:

Hmmm, I would jump about and clamor that  I called DJ Hero’s demise about two and a half years before it happened–Activision announced the discontinuation of the DJ and Guitar Hero franchises around February of this year–but that’s really not a big feat. Everyone saw it coming.  

 And that’s all I got to say about that. (You better have read that in a Forest Gump voice.)

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