Breath Of The Wild’s DLC Revealed

^ ALL O’ DIS FOR $19.99.

This is VERY good news for yours truly. You see, friends, I give it a 98.3% probability that I’ll finish Breath of the Wild within the first week of having it. I can’t help but be a game-binger when it comes to HIGHLY anticipated titles. It kind of sucks, kind of doesn’t. IT’S COMPLICATED.

Anyway, this DLC is like a warm, soft blanket of insurance for my Zelda-lovin’ heart. NOW, even if I finish Breath of the Wild within a week, I’ll still have content to look forward to. That should help with the inevitable post-game completion depression I’ll undoubtedly feel. Sigh.

Apparently there’s some hubbub about the price tag of $19.99 – folks think that’s a little too steep for what’s being offered. I really can’t speak on the matter because I’m blind to any and all things Zelda. (Although I think paying for a harder difficulty is a bit…weird.) Hell, even if the DLC were $100 I’d buy it. Sure, I’d piss and moan and bitch for roughly 30 seconds, but then I’d buy it. So, I’ll ask you guys, the presumably more rational thinkers. 😉 What are your thoughts on the price tag?

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  • Billy Milby

    I’ll probably wait to see how it pans out before I buy it. But of course I probably will.

    • YEAH DUDE. You’re not fooling anyone. 😉 <3

  • Christopher Galloway

    pretty standard for a AAA open world game to be 20 bucks so its the price you pay for additional nintendo quality.

    • Indeed! It’s just the way of the world now.

  • Prosthetic Lips

    I think it’s a fair price. I think many people can afford $20 for an expansion (especially in 2 pieces), and they have to be thinking bang-for-buck. Too pricey, and few sales. Too cheap, and then future expansions are measured against it.

    • Definitely. I think what you’re really paying for is the new dungeon/story/trials.

  • bird4027

    Nintendo has finally put another one of its major franchises with DLC. When I saw this yesterday, I thought, “Welp, Nintendo just took another $20 away from me.” This really is no different from any other major game on other consoles. Resident Evil VII, The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed, etc etc. Seems like every other good game is releasing DLC to make the game more complete. Like you, I am getting it because Zelda. It doesn’t surprise me that Nintendo is doing it. This just makes me want 3/3 to get here that much sooner so I can kick Calamity Ganon’s and explore the newly vast world of Hyrule.