Breath Of The Wild’s DLC Revealed

^ ALL O’ DIS FOR $19.99.

This is VERY good news for yours truly. You see, friends, I give it a 98.3% probability that I’ll finish Breath of the Wild within the first week of having it. I can’t help but be a game-binger when it comes to HIGHLY anticipated titles. It kind of sucks, kind of doesn’t. IT’S COMPLICATED.

Anyway, this DLC is like a warm, soft blanket of insurance for my Zelda-lovin’ heart. NOW, even if I finish Breath of the Wild within a week, I’ll still have content to look forward to. That should help with the inevitable post-game completion depression I’ll undoubtedly feel. Sigh.

Apparently there’s some hubbub about the price tag of $19.99 – folks think that’s a little too steep for what’s being offered. I really can’t speak on the matter because I’m blind to any and all things Zelda. (Although I think paying for a harder difficulty is a bit…weird.) Hell, even if the DLC were $100 I’d buy it. Sure, I’d piss and moan and bitch for roughly 30 seconds, but then I’d buy it. So, I’ll ask you guys, the presumably more rational thinkers. 😉 What are your thoughts on the price tag?

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