BlondeNerd at PAX PRIME 2012!!!

I JUST RECEIVED MY FIRST BLONDENERD.COM MEDIA PASS!!!1onethousandonehundredandeleven


I mean, I’ve attended several conventions as media in my time (PAX Prime, PAX East, E3, Emerald City Comicon, ZomBcon, etc.) but all of my media credentials were ran through a third party, like Vagary.TV and Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but when you’re trying to break out and create a brand of your own it’s such a rewarding feeling to earn that media badge on your own account.

I know, I know…it seems almost anyone can get approved for a PAX media pass, but, like, damn. I’m super giddy! I could totally go into an acceptance speech mode, thanking y’all for reading my nonsense and allowing to remain a thing that exists, but I’ll just skip the mushy stuff and go straight to the good shit: if I were a slut I would internet boink all of you.




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  • That is awesome! I need to think about applying as media for Global Geek News.

    • britt5091

      DO IT!

      • Perhaps I will! That reminds me, did you get the e-mail I sent you a couple of weeks ago about starting the podcast back up?

  • Need any personnel for coverage? haha. 🙂

    • britt5091

      Haha, I always can use that! 😉

  • Congratulations! Maybe you can use your new power and fame and get google’s attention

    • britt5091

      HAHA! I friggen’ wish! Maybe I’ll fly to their main HQ and, like, creep around out front.

  • Boots_33

    Can I be a BlondeNerd Correspondent next year?