Bioshock Infinite: False Shepherd


Oooh that’s pretty right there.

Y’know, I gotta admit I’m not super ecstatic over Bioshock Infinite’s release. Now, before you jump my shit let me explain. I think Bioshock Infinite is going to be a fan-fucking-tastic title and is going to blow a LOT of us away, and for that reason I’m excited. I had full intentions of picking up Infinite on day one, but the more and more I thought about it the more I realized I want to lose myself in a JRPG — not to mention I just recently finished Dishonored — and I can only take so much of that first person actiony-adventurey magic-y shoot ’em uppy before I tire on the genre and need something a little different to cleanse my palate…

…Whiiiich is why I recently started Lost Odyssey. (There goes 50 hours of my life.) Oh, and for shits I started another Harvest Moon: Back to Nature file. Yeah. It doesn’t get much more opposite than that. But like I said above, Infinite looks sexy as hell and I have no doubt it’s going to have a kickass story. When I eventually get around to it I promise to be obnoxious and ensure the entire world knows I’m playing.  <3.

But what about you? Are you excited for Infinite?

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