First of all, if you’ve never played QWOP before may I suggest trying it out? You only need 30 second and then you’ll understand eeeeverything.

Back in August of 2011 I created a post I dubbed “BEST. GAME. COSPLAY. EVER.”. Now, I wish I could take it back, although admittedly the cosplay (below) was quite amazing.

However I am here today to present the BEST(ER) cosplay ever. And funny enough it just so happens to be another QWOP cosplayer.


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, eff me. I think I have a soft spot for QWOPers. Seriously. I can’t stop laughing.

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  • I never heard of this game until today, but I am now in love with it. Thank you Britt.

    • britt5091

      Hahah, sweet! And my pleasure <3


    • britt5091


  • I noticed a guy typing on a keyboard behind him… doesn’t look like it’s hooked to anything… It probably enhances the qwopiness

    • britt5091

      O SNAP! I didn’t notice that before!!!

  • Boots_33

    I was inching along just fine, and then BAM. A HURDLE!!! YOU ASS!

    • britt5091

      LOL. Yeah, that happens.