Another perverted Mass Effect post

I have several, random photos sitting in my “My Pictures” folder. You see, if I happen to stumble across a photo that strikes me as funny, perverted or clever I’ll save it. The problem is I tend to, uh, forget I saved certain photos in that folder, which leads to days like today when I come across those long forgotten photos and A) Wonder why in the HOLY HELL I saved them and B) Be reminded that my brain is the most perverted sun’bitch I’ve ever met. 

That being said, enjoy one of the random photos I found in my cache. I believe I found this on reddit several months back, and it’s a snapshot of a local university’s weekly magazine. Or something.


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  • This is just weird…

    • Britt

      You’re weird, bro.

  • Jess Tamer

    Haha XD

  • Christian.J

    that’s 2 2 2 many penises

    • Britt

      I can’t help but try to picture it in my head. X_X