Am I a female? Well. Let me answer that for you. **UPDATE

**UPDATE: LOL okay, I’m sure at this point homeboy is just messing around with me (like I am to him) but, just for shits, here’s his response:

…I think I like this guy. But, like, couldn’t he have removed the “S” part of a/s/l? I mean, I think I was pretty clear in my original response below.


Original post: After booting up my PS3 I was greeted by an all-too-familiar message in my inbox:

You guys, I swear answered this person’s question to the best of my ability.

The message was too long to display on one screen, so I just copied and pasted the rest from the second page for easier reading. BUT IN CASE YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME…here’s the second page. But really, you should believe me as this is a very typical, day-to-day way I talk.

I can’t quite figure out why this person hasn’t responded.

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  • Ryan Littlefield

    Aw man, I only wanted to know.

    • britt5091


  • JordanRodkey

    Did you at least have the keypad to write this?

    • britt5091

      HA. No. My hand hurts. :/

  • achilles410

    Did you play a game against him or something?

    • britt5091

      Nope. This was the first time firing up my PS3 in months.

      • achilles410

        That’s said you need to show your PS3 more love. Are you at least starting your God of War logs?

        • britt5091

          Y-yeah…I’m starting those…y…yeah… >_>

  • That was an awesome response!

    • britt5091

      Thanks! ;D

  • I would report his ass

    • britt5091

      Ha, naaaah. That was pretty mild.

  • I only ask new friends if they are human. I will hang out with supernatural creatures, but only if they let me know of their status as such beforehand

    • britt5091

      Bradley, you’re amazing. Never change.

  • Jaym Esch

    I love how he’s not even able to form a full question/sentence. It’s like some of these people are de-evolving into cavemen again.

    Ugh. You female. Me man. Fire hot. Ugh.

    • britt5091

      ::whacks female with a club and drags her back to the cave::

  • Your a gamer, a maybe a skeptic,

  • Wowsers 😛 Britt you probably made his brain explode with your fancy words LOL maybe that’s why he hasn’t responded to you yet LOL :] This was awesome xD

    • britt5091

      Maybe I was too graphic? 😉

  • after he waited more than ten seconds for a response, he knew you were female. What else could you have been doing other than typing up a lengthy diatribe to not only ridicule, but demasculinize him at the same time. to add insult to injury, you ask if there’s anything else he’d like to know. What ever happened to just kicking someones ass in a game online? now we have to know if your male, female, 8 years old, 40 years old…. I just kicked your ass. I’m done with you! (until next time)

    • britt5091

      …::golf clap::

  • David Bell Radtke

    I am delighted by your use of the English language and proper biological understanding of the purpose of life.