A Wild Podcast Appears: An Interview with BlondeNerd.com

interview wild podcast appears


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by RetroCollective, part of A Wild Podcast Appears! (Get it? It’s like, a Pokemon reference and stuff.) I had SO much fun with this interview, and I hope you enjoy reading it as well!


Here’s a sample of the shenanigans that went down:

Retro Collective: What video game world would you want to live in permanently (keep it retro)?

Brittney: Sheyt. I’ve pondered this question in depth several times (I, erm, have a lot of free time) and I’ve decided it’s Hyrule. Probably Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule, to be exact. I could see it becoming a bit dull and boring at times, but that’s what Keggers are for. I’m sure those Kokiri kids would love it.


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