A Six Second Tour of My Woman Cave

dirty woman cave - vine

Thanks to Twitter’s Vine, you can now see my woman cave in six seconds of  pure, saturated glory! Um, I think Vine is so new that we’re unable to embed videos into blog posts yet. Hell I barely even know how to work the thing. So, sorry, you’re going to have to click the link to see it. And make sure the volume isn’t muted so you won’t miss what my dear friend Roger calls a “seizing” sound that was emitted out of yours truly.

I think Vine will prove to become extremely popular. All you do is record anything for six seconds (or you can break up segments of video, so you could have three different shots for two seconds each, for example) but unfortunately I think it’s only available for iDevices (correct me if I’m wrong!). Which means if I want to record my shenanigans I’m gonna have to carry around my iPad with me, WHICH means I’m going to end up being that obnoxious person snapping photos with a huge ol’ tablet.

Oh well. You do what you gotta do.


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