Meet Tina’s Womancave

Here at, we love womancaves. And by “we” I mean I love womancaves. After all, is a one-woman operation. Anyway, I’d love to point you in the direction of Tina’s womancave. She brought it to my attention on Twitter and I demanded pics. 

I sense a Nintendo fangirl...! ;D

Nice! I just got back into Pokemon and I am well, let's just say obsessed.

Love the organization <3. I should have Tina fix my room up...

Ah, yes. A fine womancave indeed. This calls for a stroke or two of the beard followed by sophisticated throat-clearings that imply approval.

You can check Tina out on her Tumblr! <3

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  • U JELLY? I’m jelly. That’s a kickass woman cave. WAAAAAAAAAANT.

  • Andrew

    I had a friend that called hers a “Femmecave.” Sounds slightly less creepy than Womancave.

    • Britt

      But creepy is good!

      That being said, I like FemCave ;D Reminds me of FremShep!

  • Ray


    • Britt

      FEMBOT?!? WHERE?!?@!!!!!111

  • Tim

    Sweet (and you might be a ‘bad’ influence)

    • Britt

      Ahem. I do not comprehend the subject matter in which you speak of.