RECAP: PAX East 2013

PAX floor

Well kiddos, WordPress decided to chew up and spit out my original post, sooo unfortunately I lost all of my text. But hey, who cares about text anyway? We just want bright and shiny photos, right?¬†I hope so, because that’s all you’re going to get! ūüėČ

(Now, excuse me while I repeatedly punch a wall.)

Kaidan sig



Raphael Sbarge, voice actor of Kaidan Alenko! Yeah, yeah, I must have scared him because he wouldn’t touch my shoulder, but that’s okay.

Signed ME comics

Signed Mass Effect comics! I’m slowly starting to beef up my Mass Effect shrine!

sexy beasts

Per usual, the IGN meet and greet was GREAT times (Tim Schafer was HAMMERED) and it was great to see Greg and Josh again.

Josh and I

Josh (@movieguru83) and I! We often get into Dragon Age conversations and they make me happy.


Friday night was the Turbine party, and like last year it was super fun, chill and filled with lots of great people.

AC box

Winning two signed copies of Asheron’s Call didn’t hurt the parties awesome factor, either. ūüėČ

remember me

I don’t know a HECK about Remember Me, but I grabbed a poster nonetheless. ūüėÄ


This is a game I’ve been DYING to play, so I figured I’d snag a poster and, um, hang it. Even though I’ve never played the series. Yeah, I’m just weird like that.


I believe these are inflatable Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag swords. Either that or over-sized condoms.


And there you have it! PAX East in a photoriffic nutshell. I’ll sum up my original post (the one I lost) in a few bullet points:

  • I only watched footage of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs because the lines were once again, ridiculous, but I have no regrets! I enjoyed watching people play, and hey, E3 is right around the corner.
  • The best part of PAX was seeing old friends, making new ones and the whiskey.
  • The two panels I saw were¬†Dragon Age:¬†Thedas Unlocked¬†and¬†Mass Effect: Exploring the Universe.¬†Both made me equally happy in the nether regions.
  • I have two¬†gnarly¬†blisters on my feet. They suck buckets of suck-juice.
  • I officially am done with airplanes until E3. No. More. Travelling.
  • I wish I would have been able to meet more of you!

Who’s planning a trip to PAX Prime? I think a lot of people are making the trek this year, so you should too!

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