Arkham City Log #1: I want you so hard. Er, bad. I want you bad. Wait, what?

Hoboyohboy. I’m SO insanely pumped to start up Arkham City; I’ve been thinking about it all. effing. day. In fact, it’s currently nested on my couch, awaiting my fingers to tear into its shit.

So why am I writing this blog entry when I could be tearing into aforementioned shit, you ask? BECAUSE I’M ONE DEDICATED MOTHERFUCKER, THAT’S WHY. That being said, I’m going to keep this entry short as possible.

I had to venture over to Wikipedia and YouTube to refresh my Arkham Aslyum memory, as I had completely forgotten about the Venom/Titan fiasco, which you know, kindaaaa was huge deal in the game. (Ugh. I hate it how I forget game events so easily—which is why I started keeping a log of the games I play, FYIZZLE!) So, what do I know about Arkham City? Not a lot, except that hooligans are running rampant throughout Gotham. Or something. I know Robin looks like Eminem and Cole from Infamous. I know Catwoman is playable. If this game does well (DERP) the series will continue, according to Rocksteady.

And that, my friends, is pretty much all of the Arkham City information my brain currently holds. (I’ve stayed far away from Arkham City articles!).

I’ve heard the scores, so I expect nothing less than a stellar experience with Arkham City.

AND NOW…I go to bed.

Lame salsa.

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