Video: Loot From Emerald City Comicon 2012

Sooo I went to Emerald City Comicon last weekend and bought some neato stuff….

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  • Joe

    That’s a pretty emotional story…I wasn’t sure to root for or against the NES purchase, and then…the box…my gawd Britt…the box….I’ll have to bring this up in my next therapy session. 😛

    Great Vid! you need help. But we love you for it

    • Britt

      HAHAHA!!! I know, I know. THE FREAKIN’ BOX. X__X

  • Boots_33

    I’m submitting this to whatever channel Hoarders is on right now. Seriously.

    • Britt

      Such a dear friend…

  • The BOX XD
    I swear it adorable how your collective is,
    now you have to get the stuff to go in the box.

    • Britt

      But what should I put in it? Do I need to make an Odin myself? My art skill lacks points though!

  • remind me never to make a bet with you. I guess the box will help make the next time you move a little more awesome?

    • Britt

      Oh. Well, of course. It’ll be my most favorite moving box.

  • Harlen

    Yeah i think you need to start wearing those glasses on your videos too! That could be like your thing that will help everyone recognize you.

    • Britt

      Oooohreally? That would be hilarious!

  • Mike

    Nice haul. I went to NY comic con for a few years but sadly I noticed that they had less and less gaming stuff each successive year.

    • Britt

      Aw. I was pleased with the amount of gaming ish this one had. Just enough. <3.

  • Mario

    You should have bought that SNES!!!