Kid Goes “Super Saiyan”

Here’s a fun fact: I am in love with Dragon Ball Z. I love the story, I love the characters (especially Trunks, I would totally hit his shit if he were a real half-saiyan half-earthling) and I even love the epically drawn-out battle sequences.

The purple-haired wonder.

Never, however, have I thought Super Saiyans were like, an actual thing. Trust me when I say I wish they were. But…apparently this kid thinks anyone can become a Super Saiyan if they, um, put their mind to it.

Witness the madness for yourself.

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  • Jordan Youngers

    The fuck did I just see? And why do I wanna watch Dragon Ball Z now?!

    • I wonder what his parents are thinking when he’s screaming for 40 seconds.

      • Britt

        I was wondering that too. Or his neighbors.

  • Justin

    Holy shit. He’s over 9000

    • Britt

      Well played, Justin, well played.

  • Tim F

    That’s too funny! Don’t let this kid watch the movie The Last Dragon. Otherwise, he’s going to post another video of him getting his yellow/orange/gold glow on while waving super fast arms in circular motions followed by a…not sure what it’s called…tiger claw move? Good thing he barricaded the door. I was expecting his mom to bust in after he took his shirt off and the vein in his forehead popped out. Man, that gave me a headache just watching!

    Below is a link to the last fight scene of The Last Dragon movie so you can refresh your memory on one of the epic movies we had in the 80’s!

    • Britt

      LOL. Actually, I would like to see that…

      • Boots_33

        Don’t underestimate the power of the glow!

  • dmann

    Did anyone else notice his forehead bulging. And he never even made Saiyan. Or Kaio-ken 1…

    • Britt

      I don’t know how anyone could miss the vein on his forehead! Or whatever that was.

      • dmann

        Maybe the vein was his Saiyan powers.

        If it wasn’t, then some day, when he goes SS3, he is going to get a brain aneurysm…

  • SHORYUKEN! Wait…

    • Britt

      Close enough 😀

  • Wonder if the first super saiyan was just trying to take a poop. >.>?
    Once its been watched it cannot be unwatched…

    • Britt

      “Oh, look! Not only did I drop a deuce, I just became insanely powerful and my hair turned blonde! SWEET!”

  • Boots_33

    I was waiting for him to faint. That would’ve been awesome.

  • Dustin

    This guy need to contact the kid in this video.

  • Jim Tanner

    That kids mom needs to give him a hug

    • Britt

      Or some muscle relaxers.