FYI: DISQUS, and comments on my website

Hey guys and gals!

I *think* I successfully switched over to the DISQUS commenting system. And by “successfully” I mean things look a little off and none of the prior comments ya’ll have left me are showing up…yet. Apparently I exported them and they should be up by tomorrow. But who knows. Anyway, just wanted to let you know!!

Can you guys do me a favor and let me know if it looks incredibly wonky on your computer?

THANK YOU!! <333

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  • britt5091

    Ahemhemhem. TESSSSSSSSSST(icle).

  • Xackery

    Lol. Wtf

    • britt5091

       WTF indeed.

  • Everything looks just fine using Firefox 12.0.  No formatting issues are noticeable, with the exception of ‘Add New Comment’ and ‘Showing [x] comments’ being partially obscured by the grey bar above and below the dialogue window.  And the fact that someone has already registered Weebo on Disqus.  Kind of a downer. Other than that the layout of the comments proper look lovely.  In particular, the reply looks cleaner than your old version.

    Good job, BlondeTech.

    • britt5091

       Thanks broski! 😀

  • Ray

    The bold titles like “Add New Comment” and “Showing # Comments” are partially in the black bars but otherwise looks good.

  • yeah…me no likey

  • Boots_33

    The borders look a little off on my browser, but that’s probably just my old-ass computer doing that. At least you can still see my lovely face. 😀

    Curious… why the switch?

  • I like disqus. You have some styling issues though with the “Add New Comment” and Showing # Comments” bars. Otherwise it looks good. 

    • britt5091

       I no know how to fix :/

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