Control Mario WITH YOUR GUNS.

I won’t even attempt to describe how this works scientifically, but I’ll dumb it down for you a-la-Britt version: **AHEM** So, you hook these sensors up to four different muscles. Each sensor is designated an action. In this case, the right forearm is linked to jumping, the left is linked to running, etc.

You may find yourself asking: what does this mean?

It means that it is possible to play Super Mario with your buttcheeks. That is exactly what this means.

But for now, watch a dude play with his arms. <3.

<3 Britt

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  • how much would you play to watch Alistair play Super Mario with his butt cheeks? I apologize for your sullied undies XP

    • I meant how would you pay…not play.

      • Britt

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL. Omg. Funniest mental image ever right now. Thanks Derrick ;D

        And I’d pay at least 124 rupees. All green ones so I could toss them at him as I please.

        • Boots_33

          That’s right. Make it RAIN!!!

          …though you will want to hand him an occasional blue rupee when he sits in your lap to play. He’d deserve that much.

  • Mike

    Apparently there’s also a way to play Quake with your eyes. Well, I’m waiting to find out if I can use my nose to play Dead Island or not. Flare to run, exhale to shoot, you know…weird stuff

  • Jayson

    I’d totally play with my pecs.