Britt’s Pokémon WTFBBQ of the Day

I’ve recently gotten back into the Pokémon Card collecting scene (mostly so I could be considered a cool kid again), but I gotta be honest guys, that excited, anxious feeling of “OHMYGOD OHMYGOD” I used to get while opening booster packs is kind of…gone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still exciting to open up a pack and get a whiff of that freshly opened pack smell (the original aphrodisiac) but I’m finding the contents inside are a little on the lame side.

Let me show you the contents of my most recent Pokémon booster pack purchase:

Enlighten me, people. Did I just get extremely lucky here? Out of the ten cards, six of them went together. I’d be tempted to say I got lucky, but…this kind of takes the magic away! Like, I should be eager and anxious to search for the evolution of…Vanillite…a…Pokémon ice cream cone…right…but hey, no worries! I already found its double-scooped big brother, Vanillish. Same with Shinx and Luxio, and Pansear and Simisear.

Also, the way I remember Pokémon cards is as follows: you were guaranteed ONE rare card per pack. Now whether or not it would be a holo was based on luck, and ONLY the rares could be holos. After all, that’s part of what made them rare – only one card per pack had the potential to be all shiny and shit. And when it was shiny then HOLY HELL IT JUST BECAME EVEN MORE RARE.

So uh, WTF is this:

IT’S A COMMON CARD THAT IS A HOLO. Is that even a real thing that can happen? And what’s even weirder is that there are now reverse holos – this Scraggy card is an example of that. It’s hard to see, but while the photo itself isn’t holo, but the rest of the card is. So I technically could find another Scraggy that isn’t a reverse holo in my next pack of cards; he could either be a “regular” holo or a plain ol’ common card sans any shiny shit.

Do you, good ma’ams and sirs, know how head-desk worthy it is when a buddy next to you opens his pack of Pokemon cards and finds TWO rare holos and all you find is a common holo of a card you already have AND a rare, holo trainer? Oh, yeah, the trainers can be holo now. It’s obviously a ploy to get people buying more booster packs. “OH! I need to find the reverse holo common card of ButtsexMon! And then I need to find the non-holo card, too!” ::BUYBUYBUY::

Ahem. I understand this post is coming across as a bitchfest, but I guess I’m trying to become accustomed to the way kids nowadays are experiencing Pokémon cards. I shall adapt, for I am in love with the idea of collecting Pokémon cards again.

Are you still collecting Pokemon cards? How long has this ishnit been going on? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO ENERGY CARDS?!

I'll love you forever...


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