Angry Video Game Dad #2

  Super Mario World vs. my dad -- ROUND TWO, FIGHT! A little bit ago I swung by my parents' place to spend some quality spawn/spawn-creator time with 'em, shoot the shit, catch up, etc. After getting our pleasantries out of the way (which consisted of me raiding their foodstuffs) dear ol' dad and I decided to partake in one of our favorite pastimes: Super Mario World. There once was a time when my dad was better than I at this game, believe it or not, but to now say he's a bit rusty would be a vast understatement. Nevertheless I get such a kick out of watching my old man fumble around with a SNES controller and figured all of you would as well! And you guys wonder where my terrible language comes from. 😉
  • at around 3:30 was there any reason he was floating and missing the coins on purpose?

    • britt5091

      Haha, nope! Just him playing like he always does. 😉