**CLOSED** Win A “Four Brothers” T-Shirt From Design By Humans!

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I am so SO SO SO stoked to be working with Design By Humans! I swear, one can find designs of any hobby or niche in their catalog. I dare you to peruse their wares. DARE YOU. It’s a time sucker. (A great time sucker, I might add.) Also, you’ll want almost one of everything, which could get expensive…BUT HEEEY THAT’S WHY I’M HOLDING THIS CONTEST!

The design yours truly is wearing above is called Four Brothers, and it’s designed by Antonio Worrall. Pretty rad, right? Design By Humans told me I could choose whichever design I wanted to use for a giveaway, and I HAD to pick the TMNT/Mario smash-up awesomeness you see above. But don’t worry — if you win the contest you don’t have to get the design in a women’s pink shirt. (Although that could become hilarious VERY fast.) You can choose whichever color and size you want!

You know the drill. Enter in the Rafflecopter and best of luck to ye!

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  • Derrick Krenke

    I love all the turtles, but Leo probably takes the cake. Though I also like Raph… ahhh!

  • Chris

    My favourite turtle was and always will be Leonardo! Although as I’ve gotten older and geekier, I’ve become quite a fan of Donatello too lol

  • Steve Smith

    Always been a Donny fan 🙂

  • Hope this doesn’t post twice … This would make a most awesome b-day gift for my oldest. Think he was TMNT’s biggest fan when he was a kid!

  • Brian Fletcher

    Not enough love for Michelangelo on here.

  • NerfHerder


  • Jonathan Ledbetter

    Michelangelo for the win !

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    Mickey is just the best! HILARIOUS!

  • James Snyderburn


  • Roger Dodger

    Definitely Raphael. I gave him a bag of cookies not long ago. He’s a sweet dude.

  • Daniel Coyne

    I’ve always liked Mikey for the humor, but Leo for the swords.

  • stridakira