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If there are three things I love in life they are 1) Video Games 2) Chocolate 3) Caffeine. But there’s a catch, you see. I HATE coffee. Hate. Hate. Hate. I hate the taste of coffee and I hate the…erm, taste of coffee. (Go ahead, try and recommend a drink you SWEAR I’ll like. You’ll join the legions of those who have failed.) What’s a chick to do when she wants a energy boost?!

SHE EATS CHOCOLATE. Lots of chocolate. And she enjoys it so hard because these things taste ridiculously good.

Welcome to Energems, my friends! I won’t even pretend to be a caffeine nut, or know how many milligrams of whatever are in each gem. All I know is when I pop three of those bad boys I feel good, energized, focused and a bit crazy so I can vouch for their effectiveness. IĀ encourage you to check out their FAQ section, and if you’re feeling all warm ‘n fuzzy about Energems, enter to win a 6-pack giveaway!


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  • Abraham

    You love Video Games, Chocolate and Caffeine. How are you still single?!

  • Connor

    you are quite possibly one of my favorite people that i follow, always have something interesting to say

  • Shawn Heddin


  • Nicole Burrows

    I love chocolate AND coffee, but chocolate more of course LOL

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    Lets hope it is better than Rockstar Energy Gum!

  • Derrick Krenke

    I would pop them before… well… you know… xD