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Omnommer—my favorite undead hunter! [Lothar]

  • cakid27

    Dear Britt5091,

    Since I know you have a love for Zombies you should do a VLOG about your thoughts on the Dead Island trailer, and your expectations/Want to see from the game.


    “In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.”

  • Tim

    Side Note: If you haven’t seen it yet, run out and rent or flat out buy Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I want to have this movie’s babies. It’s an arcade and video game lover’s dream movie. At least in my humble movie baby having opinion it is.


  • u should make a blog about u

  • Erinn
  • How old are you

  • Xackery
  • Kit Wayne

    Washington??? Why you live so far from Michigan?? Sadness!

  • xXCrimsonKaosXx

    I’m so in luv keep up the good work

  • Olympia? Does Rustycon still happen in Seattle? Orycon is still around, but last ones I went to were possibly before you were born…

    I’m old…


  • Tridrakious

    I like the site. Good job.

  • Rebel4life

    THIS GUY DID THE BEST VIDEO GAME RAP EVER! Im just a fan trying to help get this dope song around for him.

  • Ethan-IGN

    Site is beautiful, glad you’re still at it <3

  • Baho Puwetmoh

    i saw you on some metaljesusrocks videos on youtube!
    nice work. youre a hot gamer, it’s every nerdboy’s fantasy! WOOOO

    • Jack James Cooper

      lol dude

  • Hey beautiful, you need a favicon for your website.

  • Loopy head

    I like cats

  • Jack James Cooper

    doing a crazy job with the website, keep up the good work and the video uploads please, love watching ur haulzzzzz >.<

  • Joe

    Love love love the site! You’re fantastic!

  • Jerry Jay Nash

    Yeah, it’s ok.

  • RaineyCool

    You should get a league of legends its free and awesome

  • I’m stalking you everywhere now. Sorry not sorry.

    • britt5091

      UMMM don’t be sorry it’s flattering! 😀 😀 😀 <3333

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  • shib

    Let’s hang out i love on post

  • Ethan Kirchner

    Hi. My name is Ethan Alexander Kirchner.

  • Slothboy 4000

    I’ve watched several of your videos and it inspired me to start a collection of video game consoles. It also inspired to go back to video gaming. Your videos are fun to watch! Thank you for the inspiration. I actually had a few game consoles several years ago but my place got robbed. They took everything. So, I didn’t start playing again until recently, And I’ve been slowly building up my collection.

  • Trójmiastowicz

    steam account?