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Omnommer—my favorite undead hunter! [Lothar]

  • cakid27

    Dear Britt5091,

    Since I know you have a love for Zombies you should do a VLOG about your thoughts on the Dead Island trailer, and your expectations/Want to see from the game.


    “In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.”

  • Tim

    Side Note: If you haven’t seen it yet, run out and rent or flat out buy Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I want to have this movie’s babies. It’s an arcade and video game lover’s dream movie. At least in my humble movie baby having opinion it is.


  • u should make a blog about u

  • Erinn
  • How old are you

  • Xackery
  • Kit Wayne

    Washington??? Why you live so far from Michigan?? Sadness!

  • xXCrimsonKaosXx

    I’m so in luv keep up the good work

  • Olympia? Does Rustycon still happen in Seattle? Orycon is still around, but last ones I went to were possibly before you were born…

    I’m old…


  • Tridrakious

    I like the site. Good job.

  • Rebel4life

    THIS GUY DID THE BEST VIDEO GAME RAP EVER! Im just a fan trying to help get this dope song around for him.

  • Ethan-IGN

    Site is beautiful, glad you’re still at it <3

  • Baho Puwetmoh

    i saw you on some metaljesusrocks videos on youtube!
    nice work. youre a hot gamer, it’s every nerdboy’s fantasy! WOOOO

    • Jack James Cooper

      lol dude

  • Hey beautiful, you need a favicon for your website.

  • Loopy head

    I like cats

  • Jack James Cooper

    doing a crazy job with the website, keep up the good work and the video uploads please, love watching ur haulzzzzz >.<

  • Joe

    Love love love the site! You’re fantastic!

  • Jerry Jay Nash

    Yeah, it’s ok.

  • RaineyCool

    You should get a league of legends its free and awesome

  • I’m stalking you everywhere now. Sorry not sorry.

    • britt5091

      UMMM don’t be sorry it’s flattering! 😀 😀 😀 <3333

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  • shib

    Let’s hang out i love on post

  • Ethan Kirchner

    Hi. My name is Ethan Alexander Kirchner.

  • Slothboy 4000

    I’ve watched several of your videos and it inspired me to start a collection of video game consoles. It also inspired to go back to video gaming. Your videos are fun to watch! Thank you for the inspiration. I actually had a few game consoles several years ago but my place got robbed. They took everything. So, I didn’t start playing again until recently, And I’ve been slowly building up my collection.

  • Trójmiastowicz

    steam account?

  • Marvin Macias

    I love your videos Brittney they are unique just like you hahaha anyways…I’ve been a gamer all of my life as well and I also have a few systems starting with the nes. For a while I was got side tracked from playing until I started watching your videos and metaljeausrocks videos as well. Ever since ive gottten back into my game and I’ve been buying some really good titles. Anyways check me out on Instagram…LVRetroman2016…see yah!!!

  • Scandal X4

    Hey Britt. Just watched your Youtube video on expressing yourself and I believe you hit the nail on the head. Being YOU is why I and most who watch keep coming back to your channel. DON’T change.

  • Jordon Vazquez

    we love you brittney brittney *francis voice*

  • Excellent shows Britt glad I came across your page your vids are quite enjoyable. Love the Lets plays.

  • I am looking for gaming bloggers to network with and you have a awesome website. Keep it up

  • psuedon name

    saw this, thought of you.

  • Brandyn Bailey

    You are an AWESOME and FUNNY YouTuber! Keep up the great work!