About Me!

Do you find yourself asking “Who IS this BlondeNerd.com girl?!” well, besides providing some basic contact information, I’m sorry to inform you that I absolutely detest writing about myself, but below are some links that might give you better idea of what I’m all about. But I promise you, if you read my posts and watch some videos…you’ll understand VERY quickly.

BTW. Nowhere on here you find my social security number, so if that’s what you came here looking for, I iz sorry to disappoint. GO STEAL SOMEONE ELSE’S IDENTITY!


A lil history: How I ended up juggling this website, two podcasts, two YouTube channels, a writing gig, etc.

Pictures of me, industry events, etc.



…more to come. MAYBE. If I find one of those fun lil’ survey things that heads the task of asking the questions, I might fill that out. Don’t judge me.

  • Franklyn Maragh

    You are definitely my type of girl! Keep up the good work.

  • Weirdnonblondedude

    You look cute

  • Desmond

    you should have a logo. Im working on it(my retarded ass that is)!

  • DerekZane

    first time I’ve been here. this….girl…is….perfect.

  • anthorain

    You know, I thought you were impersonating Garth in that picture.