About Me!


Do you find yourself asking “Who IS this BlondeNerd.com girl?!” well, besides providing some basic contact information, I’m sorry to inform you that I absolutely detest writing about myself, but below are some links that might give you better idea of what I’m all about. But I promise you, if you read my posts and watch some videos…you’ll understand VERY quickly.

A lil’ history — I often get asked how I became a blogger, what obstacles I had to overcome, etc, so I whipped up this page full of words that will explain that little chestnut!

Personal Facebook Page (feel free to add yours truly, or at least follow! I don’t bite!)

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  • Franklyn Maragh

    You are definitely my type of girl! Keep up the good work.

  • Weirdnonblondedude

    You look cute

  • Desmond

    you should have a logo. Im working on it(my retarded ass that is)!

  • DerekZane

    first time I’ve been here. this….girl…is….perfect.

  • anthorain

    You know, I thought you were impersonating Garth in that picture.

  • Earthshaker

    i like your style and your videos! Great job! Cheers from Italy!

  • I love your show, it is happy and upbeat. makes me feel happy. Job well done.

  • Crazyinternetman

    You should do a “50 questions with Britney” video. Just random questions like favorite game, favorite movie, favorite album etc…

  • Роман Кочкуров